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P2 Performance Sport Specific Training

P2 Performance specializes in offering sport specific training to all athletes, no matter which part of the season you are currently in. P2 Performance offers specific programs allowing athletes to enhance their skills year-round.


Muscle Build Pro


Join P2 Performances' 8 week program, taking your resistance training to the next level.

16 sessions focused on: Essential Exercise Overview, Foundation Strength Exercises, and Accessory Movements to build your solid athletic foundation.

Speed and Power Pro


What is power without speed?

Over 8 sessions you will learn the dynamics of combining power movements with explosive quickness. A perfect training model for athletes looking to get a step ahead.

Fat Burning Pro


In this cutting edge program you will completely restructure your metabolism.

Increase lean muscle mass in circuit training along with proper guidance and education on P2 Performance's Nutritional Guidelines: 10 Healthy Habits, utilizing food for fuel.


Over the past 5 years, P2 Performance has kept me pursuing my goal. Through training I kept in my peak physical shape and strengthened key focal performance points including; strength, speed, power, and injury prevention. Our training was programmed to me as an individual such as increasing my speed and starts for showcases. – Dylan R., 2014 Southtown Star Baseball Player of the Year